Le Bun
Le Bun
Age Teenager (in dog years)
Birthstone Opal
Fave Color Just one?
Fave Food Puppy treats. Or filet mignon.
Secret Talent Dogmatic style
Additional information
Hair color Brown (fur)
Eye color Brown
Family Dee (owner) Pets

Le Bun is the puppy of Dee, who shares the same sense of style. Dee makes clothes for her with the left-over scraps from their La Dee Da.

Character profileEdit

I'm Dee's pup, and I'm a total fashion hound. When I see something fabulous, my tail wags automatically!
Age: Teenager (in dog years)
Birthstone: Opal
Fave Color: Just one?
Fave Food: Puppy treats. Or filet mignon.
Secret Talent: Dogmatic style
I can sniff out hot designs in seconds flat! For obvious reasons, I can't bring myself to say "catwalk," but I love modeling fur-ocious new looks! Meeow!/font>

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Physical appearanceEdit

Le Bun has mocha eyes and has brown fur

Personality and traitsEdit

Le Bun is a totally Fashionista and loves all outfits The "La Dee Da" makes.She can find new fashions with her nose,and shakes her tail when she finds them.


Dee:Beloved Owner and workmate

Cyanne,Tylie and Sloane:Friends and workmates

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