La Dee Da
Type Fashion doll
Company Spin Master
Country North America
Availability 2012-present
Slogan "Rowdy Shouty Chic!"

La Dee Da is a line of fashion dolls first released by Spin Master in August 2012. It centers around a group of friends, Dee being the leader, that created a fashion label together to show off their designs.

The first doll released was "City Girl Dee". Other lines include, Sweet Party, Runway Vacay, Garden Tea Party, Juicy Crush, and Fairytale Dance Collection.


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They stand at about 10" inches tall with seven points of articulation. Each doll has a different design, and color theme depending on the line.

Several lines have been released so far. The first line includes only one doll, and referred to as City Girl or the "Signature" line. Both Sweet Party and Runway Vacay include four dolls each. An additional line titled, Le Bun's Closet, which include Dee's puppy, Le Bun and various outfits for her. Several fashion packs have also, been released.


La Dee Da has an official website that was launched sometime in May 2012. It was made fully accessible in July 2012. The website consists of character bios, games, ebooks, and dolls. Another option is titled "My Designs," which is covered by Le Bun with a sign saying "Coming Soon!"

Spin Master promotes La Dee Da on a few social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.


  • Dee - is the lead designer of La Dee Da, and owner of Le Bun. She is a fun-loving city girl that takes dreams up designs based off the things around her. Her signature color is red, and wears a "lucky" pincushion bracelet.
  • Tylie - is particularly better at making jewelry, and has a unique style, which often makes her stand out from her friends. She is currently fifteen years old, and seems to be counting the days until her birthday.
  • Cyanne - is the makeover and hairstylist of the group. Cyanne loves to wear skirts, and other girly clothes, especially is shades of blue or pink.
  • Sloane - describes herself as being the "Styling queen of La Dee Da" and is good at accessorizing ourfits. Her birthstone is an emerald, and her favorite color is green.
  • Le Bun - is Dee's puppy. He has his own special wardrobe with clothes mostly made by Dee from left-over scraps of clothing.