La Dee Da joined Facebook on May 1, 2012, and is one of three social media accounts Spin Master holds for La Dee Da. The account was put into use on June 29, 2012 for the launch of franchise. Dee is the official host, but Le Bun has been known to post from time to time.

Updates are posted regularly, sometimes in the form of stories or promotions of the dolls, and website. Artwork of the dolls and future dolls are also, posted regularly. Additionally, many posts are posted on the behalf to La Dee Da's twitter account.


"Hi, I’m Dee. Here’s the stitch-uation: my friends and I started a fashion label called La Dee Da. Even ordinary things inspire us to design dee-licious looks. The more outrageous, the better!"[1]



Picture Date Text
Le-Bun-facebook-1 June 29, 2012 "Hey, all you La Dee Da girls (and guys)! There's some UH-MAZING new stuff coming to our website,! Trust me, you do not wanna miss what's happening next week! :)"

"The girls and I are hitting a pool party this weekend. Haven't even THOUGHT about my oufit. I'm too busy designing a bikini for my dog, Le Bun! (Totally normal, right?) What's the craziest thing you've ever put on your pet? Spill it! And upload pics!"

July 3, 2012 "GAME ON! is hotter than ever. We just launched a dee-lish new fashion game! Design it yourself, then play again to see all the awesome combos!

What's your favorite background? I seriously can't decide!"

"Happy 4th of July to all my FB friends in the USA! La Dee Da ♥'s red, white and blue. Post pics of what you're wearing tomorrow! Independence is always in style!"

Sweet-Party-dolls-fb July 5, 2012 "Just had to thank my BFFs Tylie, Cyanne and Sloane for the SWEETEST sweet 16 ever! Cannot believe they planned that yummazing candy-themed party just for me! xoxoxoxoxo"
J-14-mag-fb July 10, 2012 "Um...Sloane and I just flipped out at the newsstand! La Dee Da is in THREE different magazines: J-14, Twist and M!"

"Just realized @justinbieber and @LaDeeDaGirls are both in this month's Twist Magazine. How dee-licious is that? :)"

Tylie-Kabuki-Cutie-Facebook July 11, 2012 "Need a Wednesday fashion fix? Here's what inspired Tylie's Kabuki Cutie outfit. If you like mood boards, follow us on Pinterest to get more dee-signer ideas!"

July 12, 2012 "NYC is a zillion degrees today! Cyanne and I can't decide what to do. We're thinking A) crafternoon at my house, B) double feature at the movies, or C) trip to the Met. What do you think? Any other jeanius ideas to help us chill out?"
La-Dee-Da-dolls-in-store-fb July 13, 2012 "Just heard a dee-licious rumor that La Dee Da is starting to pop up in Walmart stores! If you spot us this weekend, snap a pic and post it here!!"
July 16, 2012 "Haute contest alert! You could win a trip to New York City!!! Here's the best part: you'll be a VIP at the Le Dee Da launch party in Times Square!! For info on how to enter, check out Good luck!!!"
Sloane-Safari-Dreams-fb July 17, 2012 "Did you know Sloane and I have been BFFs since second grade? It was fate – we both wore the exact same purple sneakers on the first day of school! Now we go to a special high school for aspiring fashion designers here in NYC. We love getting schooled in style!

Sloane is my best friend on the planet, not to mention a jeanius designer. I think her Safari Dreams outfit is FIERCE! She got inspired by our trip to Kenya… and also a trip to the Bronx Zoo! :) Are you wild enough to mix animal prints? Which fashion rules are you aching to break??"

July 18, 2012 "Le Bun and I are taking the train to my Grandma's house in Connecticut! She has the BEST old-school sewing machine and a massive attic full of stuff that's antique-chic. I always come home with at least one dee-licious fashion find! Stay tuned!"
July 20, 2012 "Soooo glad I brought my lucky pincushion bracelet on this trip. It's good fashion karma! I made a Rowdy Shouty Chic dress out of an old tablecloth from Grandma's house! We designed it together and added a ribbon belt in my signature ruby-red. I'm wearing it home this very second!"
Sweet-Party-dolls-fb-2 July 23, 2012 "Candy-pop quiz! The outfits we designed for my sweet 16 were each based on a different candy treat. Can you name the sweets that inspired each of us??"
Le-Bun-Too-Cute-Tutu July 24, 2012 "My dog Le Bun is such a fashion hound. If he doesn't wag his tail while I'm working on a new design, I scrap it and sketch something else!"
Viva-la-France-Cyanne July 25, 2012 "Ever since Will and Kate tied the knot, Cyanne has been OBSESSED with fascinators. The more outrageous, the better! (BTW, the La Dee Da girls are DEFINITELY available to design an outfit for the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate, if you’re reading this, we promise it will be royally Rowdy Shouty Chic!)

Anyway, this dee-licious Eiffel Tower hair accessory was the very first thing Cyanne sketched when she started designing her outfit for our fashion trip around the world. Can you guess which city inspired the red heart? (Hint: sometimes it's nicknamed the City of L-O-V-E!)"

Facebook-image-La-Dee-Da July 27, 2012 "SO excited for tonight! Cyanne invited Tylie, Sloane and me over for a Fashion Film Fest! We're having a sleepover and watching "Clueless," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Marie Antoinette" and "The Devil Wears Prada." Are we missing any glam-slams? What are your fave fashion flicks?"
July 30, 2012 "Did anybody see the Black Eyed Peas on Good Morning America today?? 'Cause my BFFs and I were in the crowd!!! We had to get up CRAZY early but it was definitely worth it. They sound uh-mazing in person. And Fergie's concert look was total Rowdy Shouty Chic!"

July 31, 2012 "I wish every single one of my FB friends could have come to my sweet 16! Luckily, you can read all about it in our first eBook. It's called "Sweet Party." Peep the pics and find out how my BFFs pulled off a MAJOR surprise!"

Sweet-Party-Dee-fb August 2, 2012 "For my 16th birthday, I designed a sweet outfit inspired by candy dots. And guess what? You can copy my hue-mongous hairstyle without actually dyeing your ‘do!

Here’s an awesome blog post from The Beauty Department that shows you how to get temporary rainbow streaks with chalk pastels. SO La Dee Da!"

"Dee-sign time! Starting this Saturday, Toys "R" Us in Times Square is hosting a FREE La Dee Da craft every afternoon in August! If you're in NYC, stop by and make something Rowdy Shouty Chic!

1514 Broadway at 44th South
New York, NY 10036"

La-Dee-Da-launch-party August 7, 2012 "If you're in New York, you're totally invited to the La Dee Da launch party this Thursday in Times Square! Stop by for face paint, photo ops, cotton candy, raffles, a dee-luxe DJ and dee-signer fun!

When: Thursday, August 9th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: Broadway between 46th and 47th Street

See you there!"

August 10, 2012 "Tylie, Cyanne and Sloane slept over last night. We were SO excited after the launch party that nobody could fall asleep! Maybe it was all that cotton candy? :) Anyway I guess it's time to wash off our fabu face paint…. What are YOU doing this weekend? Anything dee-licious? xoxo!"
August 13, 2012 "So, yesterday the La Dee Da girls hit the ULTIMATE flea market. Imagine four fashion-freak thrifters digging through PILES of possibilities! I came home with a plain wooden picture frame just begging for a La Dee Da makeover. Paint? Glitter? Stick-on jewels? What should I do to make it Rowdy Shouty Chic?"
Sweet-Party-Tylie-fb August 15, 2012 "BREAKING FASHION NEWS! Tylie's aunt just saw La Dee Da dolls at a Walmart in New Jersey! We hear they're in all the WM stores and online! Are they in your store yet? Which one is your fave?"
Sweet-Party-eBook August 16, 2012 "Just found out about the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island this weekend. Is anyone going?? The girls and I got SUPER inspired. We're having a blast designing Roaring 20s outfits! Sloane's bedroom floor is covered in feathers and sequins. (Sorry, Sloane's mom!) Here's the link to the par-tay!"

"Huge news for iPad users! Our very first eBook is now on iTunes and in the App Store. It's totally FREE! To find it, just search for La Dee Da. Can't wait to hear what you think of our "Sweet Party" app!

Don't have an iPad? No biggie! You can also get it for free on our website. Either way it's a hot summer read! :)"

Pinterest-DIY August 17, 2012 "Calling all crafters and DIY divas: I’m working on a new Pinterest board that’s BURSTING with dee-signer ideas! Got a hot fashion project of your own? Tell me all about it and post pics here!"

Dee-Bollywood-Bright August 20, 2012 "Sigh… the girls and I are looking at pics from our fantastic dee-tour of fashion capitals around the world. We're totally homesick for Japan, Kenya, India and France. Tylie thinks we should hit a bunch of global hotspots here in New York City. Stay tuned!

Ooh! And be on the lookout for our second eBook, coming this fall. It tells the story behind my Bollywood Bright design and gives you all the dee-tails of our style trip!"

Fb-purse August 21, 2012 "Need a boredom buster? Take a globetrotting trip without leaving your town! Yesterday the LDD girls:
  • Hit an awesome Japanese toy store (sooo inspiring)
  • Had lunch at an Indian restaurant in the East Village (chicken tikka masala = yes please!)
  • Visited the Museum for African Art (the North African jewelry exhibit was uh-mazing)
  • Munched on macarons from a French bakery called Laduree

It really did feel like we traveled the world in one day!! If you could go anywhere on earth today, where would it be??"

August 22, 2012 "♥ Sloane’s Safari Dreams look? Here’s a crafty idea from a 17-year-old blogger that teaches you how to make a personalized cell phone case with a trend-sational tribal print. If you try it, post a pic here so we can see!"

August 23, 2012 "My heart is RACING. We just got tickets to see One Direction at Madison Square Garden! Tylie and I can't stop squealing and hugging each other. We have PLENTY of time to design our outfits, 'cause, um, the concert isn't until December 3. So, only 101 days to go!!! Are you a 1D fan? Who's your favorite hottie in the band?"

Cyanne-Peppermint-Pose August 24, 2012 "Cyanne and I have this little game we play called 5-Dollar Fab. Here’s how it works: we go to the fabric store with exactly $5 in our pockets and see what we can dig up! It can be a teeny snippet of something fancy or a whole bolt from a bargain bin. Believe it or not, that’s how Cyanne found the minty-green material for her Peppermint Pose dress. So fresh – and only 5 bucks! :)"
City-Girl-Dee-FB August 27, 2012 "Sloane and I just bought the most dee-licious cherries at the Union Square Greenmarket. It inspired me to refresh my cherry-red hair color! Any other LDD girls out there with rainbow highlights or streaks? What color are you into?"
Le-Bun-Top-Hat-and-Tails August 28, 2012 "OMG. Le Bun learned the cutest new trick! When I say "runway," he does a full-on fashion-hound STRUT with a little pose at the end! I can barely stand it!

If you have uh-dorable pet pix or videos, post them here so Le Bun and I can see!!!"

August 29, 2012 "Need a sweet project for fall? Give your favorite flats a candy-dot makeover! Naturally this jeanius idea came from P.S. I Made This, aka THE BEST site for fash-forward crafts. Are you into DIY? Whatcha making these days?"

La-Dee-Da-girls-swimsuits August 31, 2012 "It's the last day of summer vacay! Tylie, Cyanne, Sloane and I are taking the ferry to Sandy Hook Beach. We each designed shoutrageous swimsuits! Which look do you ♥ most? (Hint: check out our eye color for clues about who’s who!)

If you're in the U.S., we hope your Labor Day weekend kicks buttons! If not, have some fun in the sun anyway… and share all the dee-tails on FB! :)"

Dee-schoolwear September 4, 2012 "This morning we had fashion school registration and orientation. Total tummy butterflies. Our first real day is Thursday but today still counts!

Tylie and I are going shopping for school supplies. When you're a fashion student, that means scissors, measuring tape, straight pins, needles and thread. By the end of today we'll have it all sewn up! :)"

FB-skyscraper September 5, 2012 "Tomorrow's the first day of school AND the first day of Fashion Week! You KNOW I'll be checking my phone between classes to get runway updates. Send me a message if you see anything epic, K?"
La-Dee-Da-sketchbook September 6, 2012 "It's only the first day of school and I already have design homework! Good thing I'm feeling sketchy! P.S. Why does Fashion's Night Out have to be a SCHOOL night?"
Tylie-Kabuki-Cutie September 7, 2012 "You’ll never guess who inspired Tylie’s Kabuki Cutie design – her big brother, who’s not exactly known for his style! He took her to a comic book store that has tons of Japanese stuff and the ideas just started flowing. Tylie whipped out her sketchpad right there in the store! What’s inspiring YOU lately? Share your fashion obsessions so we can discuss!"
FB-building September 10, 2012 "Hey LDD fans, it's Le Bun! I'm going to pop in with fashion updates now and then since Dee's away at school all day. This pup NEEDS to stay connected!

I just saw a lady out the window wearing black socks with flip-flops. Clearly she doesn't have a dog who prevents fashion disasters! I need to go lie down."

September 11, 2012 "I’m flipping out over pics from today’s Rodarte show! It's a fashion label started by two SUPER-TALENTED sisters from California. Here's a little peek at their outrageous new collection:

Anybody manage to sneak inside the tent and actually see the show? If you did I am SO JELLY! Dee-tails, please!"

Sloane-Lollipop-Swirl-booklet September 12, 2012 "Did you know every LDD doll comes with a craft idea? Sew true! We each have our own fashion activity booklets. Sloane as Lollipop Swirl comes with instructions on how to make a lollipoppin' mirror for your room!"
Le-Bun-Doggie-Denim September 13, 2012 "It's Le Bun, coming to you live from Dee's bedroom with a juicy puppy confession! I have my own fashion stash of uh-mazing outfits and accessories that I keep in a top-secret location. I put on a fur-ocious fashion show for Dee and the girls almost every afternoon! You should see my runway strut. SO MAJOR."
Cyanne September 14, 2012 "Tomorrow the girls and I are heading to Little Italy for the Feast of San Gennaro. There's a huge parade, lotsa live music, and of course uh-mazing Italian food! (Cyanne looooooves cannolis!) What are YOU doing this weekend? Anything fall-ish and fun?"

"Spotted on Instagram: #DIY headbands inspired by Oscar de la Renta. Pop a brooch on a ribbon to try this glammo idea!"

Sloane-fashion September 17, 2012 "School is out today and tomorrow but poor Tylie is too stressed to enjoy it! Her mom gave her two tickets to the New York City Ballet fall gala. The costumes are being designed by Valentino!!!

The tricky part is, which one of the LDD girls should Tylie take? Obviously we're all dying to go. Sloane even has an outfit picked out already! I'm SO glad I don't have to choose. Who do you think Tylie should pick?"

Fb-purse-2 September 18, 2012 "Baroque dee-tails. Animal print. Va-va-velvet. Leather EVERYTHING. Fall 2012 is completely out-of-control and we LOVE it! So let's talk trends. What's hot in your town?"
Dee-Bollywood-Bright-booklet September 19, 2012 "Today I'm wearing an armload of sparkly bracelets that I made myself! They're SUPER easy to create. Look for crafty instructions in the fashion booklet that comes with my Bollywood Bright doll. P.S. This is what I look like with loooong pink hair!"
Cyanne-sugar-coated September 20, 2012 "Update: As of this morning, Tylie STILL hadn't made a decision about tonight's ballet gala, so Sloane and I bowed out. I mean, Cyanne grew up taking ballet and she FLIPS OUT over tutus. She's definitely the one who should get to see those Valentino designs up close! Plus she and Tylie promised to take lotsa pics. I feel SO much better now that it's all sewn up!"
Le-Bun-fashion September 21, 2012 "Hello FB fashionistas, it's Le Bun. Have you been watching Top Model College Edition? Of course I'm totally hooked on it. (Katy Perry's real-life stylist is one of the judges!) I just wish they'd do Top Model for pets. I would RULE the doggie competition!"
Dee-City-Girl-2 September 24, 2012 "I need a little fashion homework help! Our class is studying Design Through the Decades. I'm supposed to pick an era and create a dee-luxe party dress inspired by the time period. I'm doing PILES of research on the 60s, 70s and 80s but I can't decide! Any haute ideas?"
Sloane-Roaring-20s September 25, 2012 "Pssst! It's Le Bun. Don't tell Dee, but I just got back from a little fashion excursion. A glam grandma on our block put a huge box marked GOODWILL outside her door. I had to go sniff it out! From Halston to Pucci, you wouldn't BELIEVE the vintage finds. I can't wait to surprise Dee – this will totally inspire her Design Through the Decades project!"
Le-Bun-scarf September 26, 2012 "So, when I woke up this morning, Le Bun had on the most UH-MAZING designer scarf from the 1970s. I have no idea where he got it! Maybe it belongs to my mom? Whatevs - it gave me the BEST idea for my Decades project! My little fashion pup is full of surprises!"
Zipbandz September 28, 2012 "OMG. Have you guys seen Zip Bandz? Most people wear them as bracelets but Tylie is sewing a bunch onto a TOTALLY AWESOME 1980s-inspired dress. So La Dee Da!"
Sweet-Party-art September 29, 2012 "Sloane just sent me the funniest text: 4 PM = GUMDROPS! That means she's having a MAJOR craving and I should meet her at Sweet Treats! We're dressing up in our candy outfits just because… What are you doing this weekend? Hope it’s something yummy!"
Dee-Halloween October 1, 2012 "It’s my absolute favorite month: Frocktober! All the La Dee Da girls are CRAZY about Halloween. I mean, who wouldn’t love a holiday that’s completely devoted to costumes and candy?

Of course I have a kabillion ideas but it’s SO hard to choose one. Maybe I’ll pick two and do a dee-licious costume change halfway through the night…

What are YOU gonna be this year? Spill your hottest Halloween ideas here!"

Checks October 2, 2012 "Hey everybody, it’s Le Bun! Want to look fresh this fall? Wear houndstooth! I am OBSESSED with checks! Could somebody please tell Dee that I’m dreaming of a black and white capelet with faux-fur trim? Imagine it with doggie boots and a matching beret. SO fierce!"
October 3, 2012 "Today our school is visiting the Metropolitan Museum for a “Fashion in Art” tour. I wish all our FB friends could come, too! If you spot me, come say hi. I’ll be the girl with cherry-red streaks sketching like crazy the whole time!"

Cyanne-Viva-la-France-art October 4, 2012 "Can you guys please send some good vibes to Cyanne? She’s working on a HUGE paper about Coco Chanel. Tomorrow, she has to present it in front of the whole entire class!

Naturally she’s dressing up as Coco herself. So dee-licious! I’m going to bring her some hot chocolate and a string of big fake pearls for fashion luck!"

La-Dee-Da-Book-2 October 5, 2012 "Globalicious news! Another free eBook just hit our website,! Get the inside story on our dee-tour of fashion capitals around the world. Find out how we smuggled Le Bun on the plane, and how my India-inspired design was ALMOST a fashion disaster!"

Dee's-Juliet October 9, 2012 "Tylie has been making the most uh-mazing braided leather bracelets! Everywhere we go, people ask her where she got them. I’m trying to convince her to sell them on Etsy!

Are you a DIY diva? What kind of stuff do you make?"

"When you’re in fashion school, there’s something glam about every subject! In my English class, we’re reading Romeo and Juliet. Our assignment is to sketch costume ideas for each character. As soon as I can see their outfits in my mind, the whole story comes to life. My Juliet is totally tragique-chic. I’m also doing a rock-star Romeo! What would your R&J costumes look like??"

Le-Bun-lion October 10, 2012 "Are you pawsitive you want to read this? It’s a post from Dee’s doggie Le Bun, but you have to keep it a secret!

I have a fashion friend who works at a Broadway theater. That’s how I scored free tickets to The Lion King! I’m hoping Dee gets inspired and makes me a fur-ocious new costume. Stay tuned!"

Sloane-party-dress October 11, 2012 "First it was my India outfit, now it’s this party dress – I can’t get enough hot pink and turquoise! I just finished this design for an assignment on evening gowns. You can wear it tons of different ways! Hope it gets me an A+!"
Sloane-Runway-Vacay-art October 12, 2012 "You will never believe what happened! The girls and I get to see The Lion King tonight! Somebody left four tickets inside my sketchbook. I’m thinking maybe it was Sloane? Anyway, whoever got them isn’t saying a WORD!

Obviously I’m bringing a big purse so I can smuggle Le Bun in with me. He’s a VERY cultured little pup. What’s your favorite play or musical? Post your #1 theater pick here!"

Sloane-Runway-Vacay-fb October 15, 2012 "OK, seriously? My friends and I la-la-LOVED The Lion King! During intermission, Sloane started sketching on her program. She wouldn’t let any of us see what she was drawing! Today, she surprised Tylie, Cyanne and me with these uh-mazing iPhone covers all inspired by the show. Mine is zebra print with outrageous purple lining. It has little ears at the top! Soooo cute! Huge thanks to my talented bestie. ♥ ♥ ♥"
Le-Bun-Top-Hat-&-Tails-2 October 16, 2012 "Hi, it’s Le Bun! I might be the only pooch on earth that can’t WAIT for sweater weather. From cashmere to angora, I just love bundling up and knowing I’m the cutest thing on four legs. The sidewalks of New York are my own personal puppy-dog runway!

So tell me: do you dress up your pets? If not, you should REALLY reconsider. And post a pic to FB so I can scope out the competition! ;)"

October 17, 2012 "Got an old pair of patent-leather kicks? Give ‘em a POC (pop of color) with this clever craft from P.S. I Made This! It takes Mr. Louboutin’s red sole idea to a dee-licious new level!"

Dots-of-Style-booklet October 19, 2012 "Want to give someone a sweet treat? Make a candy-dot hair accessory out of felt! For dee-tails, check out the activity book that comes with my Dots of Style doll!"

Hope your weekend is full of yummy surprises and at least one fun crafternoon!"

Tylie-dress October 22, 2012 "Welcome to The Glam-Cram! That’s what Tylie and I nicknamed this week. We both have a ton of tests and papers due, so we’re dressing up for school to make studying more fun. You should have seen Tylie this morning! She sashayed into geometry class wearing a full-on party dress and a faux-fur stole! Over-the-top and pure jeanius, as usual. She definitely gets an A+ for style!"
Runway-Vacay-map October 23, 2012 "Want to be a dee-signer? Make your own mood board! It’s a poster or bulletin board that you decorate with anything that inspires you!

Just pick a theme (like candy or world travel) and start collecting uh-mazing images. I use pictures from magazines, my own sketches, fabric swatches, bits of ribbon – anything, really. Stick it all on with tape or thumbtacks, then let the haute ideas flow!

BTW, if your mood board is a masterpiece, be sure to show it off! Post a pic on FB so all the La Dee Da girls can see!"

Dee-schoolwear-2 October 24, 2012 "Sloane and I are taking a little poll. Out of these celebrity divas, who do you think has the most dee-liciously original style?

A) Nicki Minaj B) Lady Gaga C) Carly Rae Jepsen D) Katy Perry

Post your top pick here!"

Le-Bun-Too-Cute-Tutu-2 October 25, 2012 "Hi, it’s Dee’s doggie Le Bun with a true confession! I heart Halloween (any excuse to wear a costume, right?) but I’m also a TOTAL scaredy-cat. Here’s the proof!

1. I sleep with two nightlights. If Dee’s room gets too dark, my imagination goes bonkers! 2. There’s no WAY I would ever go inside a haunted house. I like treats, not tricks! 3. Scary movies are out of the question! We tried to watch one at a sleepover once and Cyanne and I hid under a blanket the whole time!

I can guarantee my costume will be cute – but it probably won’t give you much of a fright!"

October 26, 2012 "Dee-licious news! We just launched our very own La Dee Da YouTube channel! Check it out along with our hot new “Runway Vacay” TV spot. Totally globalicious!

So far we have three commercials: one for candy, one for travel, and one just for me! Which do YOU like best?

P.S. There are some kick-button surprises coming to YouTube this fall. Keep your eyes on FB for the latest scoop on LDD videos!"

Tylie-Kabuki-Cutie-art October 29, 2012 "Here’s something you probably don’t know about me: I’ve never worn a Halloween costume that wasn’t homemade! Like, ever. Growing up, my grandma and I always created them together. Now I pretty much make my own, but we still get on Skype to discuss! ☺

So what are YOU going to be this year? If you need last-minute inspo, I found tons of DIY ideas on Pinterest. My faves are the sushi girls and the baby Frida Kahlo outfit. Soooo spooky cute!"

Pumpkin-fb October 31, 2012 "Sloane had the BEST idea: hair and makeup for pumpkins!

My apartment was Halloween central last night. The girls and I put the finishing touches on our costumes, then we gave our jack-o-lanterns a little La Dee Da twist…

First we carved them, then we painted on outrageous eye shadow, lashes, and lips. Next we added real wigs (there are tons of cheap ones around at this time of year), which we stuck on with straight pins. Then we went crazy adding hats, scarves, and real earrings – all kinds of hot accessories!

My mom pointed out that we should probably use flameless candles ‘cause of all the fabric and fake hair. Good call! Our pumpkins will definitely be the best on the block. Total Halloween chic!"


  1. Official description via Facebook.