Age 16. Finally!
Birthstone Ruby
Fave Color Every possible shade of red
Fave Food NY pizza
Secret Talent Blogging
Additional information
Hair color Red
Eye color Light blue
Occupations Fashion designer
Family Pets Le Bun
Affiliations La Dee Da

Dee is the main character of the La Dee Da franchise. She as "City Girl Dee" and was the first La Dee Da doll released. She appears in the Sweet Party line as "Dots of Style" and Runway Vacay as "Bollywood Bright."She has a New York accent

Dee, and friends Tylie, Cyanne, and Sloane started a fashion label called La Dee Da together. They take inspiration from ordinary things around them, and incorporate them into their designs. Le Bun is Dee's puppy that she makes dresses for with the scraps of clothing left from La Dee Da designs.


I'm OBSESSED with fashion design. To get inspired, I need 3 things: my sketchbook, my lucky pincushion bracelet, and my dog Le Bun!
Age: 16. Finally!
Birthstone: Ruby
Fave Color: Every possible shade of red
Fave Food: NY pizza
Secret Talent: Blogging
My designs are all about sizzling colors, EPIC accessories, and anything rowdy shouty chic!

Character historyEdit

Dee's grandma is the one taught her how to sew. Then Dee turned her grandma's pincushion into a Lucky Pincushion Bracelet!

Physical appearanceEdit

Dee typically wears the same outfit as her City Girl doll, including a city-themed dress, red fish-net leggings, a flower bow, and her blue shoes with two hearts on them. Dee also wears a pin cushion on her wrist and blue earrings. She appears to be about average height, and have bright red hair and blue eyes. Her makeup is also city-themed.

Other than that Dee changes her hair and makeup depending on the outfit she is wearing. For example, Dee's hair is streaked pink, purple, blue, orange, pink and blonde for her Sweet Party doll and bright pink for her Runway Vacay doll.

Personality and traitsEdit


Doll appearancesEdit

The Dee doll has red hair,The Statue Of liberty makeup,and a New York City dress.Very cute!!

Meta timelineEdit

  • January 18, 2012: Spin Master files the trademark for Dee.

Trivia Edit

  • Dee is the second oldest member of the group.