Age 15
Birthstone Diamond. (I was born to sparkle!)
Fave Color Aqua
Fave Food Extra spicy tuna rolls
Secret Talent OMG-dramatic makeovers
Additional information
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light blue
Occupations Fashion designer
Family Pets
Affiliations La Dee Da

Cyanne is a hair and makeup artist of La Dee Da that she and her friends started together. She is also a fashion designer.

Character profileEdit

Need hair or makeup help? Oh,I will totally hook you up! I've perfected the art of mom-proof hair color that washes out before anybody gets in trouble! ;)
Age: 15
Birthstone: Diamond. (I was born to sparkle!)
Fave Color: Aqua
Fave Food: Extra spicy tuna rolls
Secret Talent: OMG—dramatic makeovers
My designs are girly and yummazing! I love flouncy fancy skirts, cute cute cute CUTE shoes and over-the-top makeup!

Character historyEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Cyanne has blonde hair that is tied in two pigtails.

Personality and traitsEdit


Dee,Tylie and Sloane:All her friends in "La Dee Da" and workmates

Le Bun:Doggie friend  she has tons of friends because she is perfect. look up how to be like cyanne from la dee da wikihow and you will get great info.

Doll appearancesEdit

Her viva la France doll has a Eiffel Tower hat,red stripe pants,white hair,and a fan.Her sunflower burst doll has a sunflower headband,orange hair and a tutu;it also has leaf earrings.

Meta timelineEdit

  • January 8, 2011: Spin Master requested the trademark for Cyanne.

Trivia Edit

  • Cyanne is the youngest human member in the group Sloane was already 16, Dee had just turned 16, and Tylie is older than her by five months.