La Dee Da like many other doll franchises have many commercials to promote the latest lines. The bulk of the commercials are told through the dolls with narrations in the background. Each commercial introduces the characters and the franchise.

City GirlEdit

The first commercial premiered in the summer of 2012, and features City Girl Dee. Dee, Cyanne, Tylie, and Sloane all appear in their animated forms at the beginning. It also promotes the La Dee Da's website.

Sweet PartyEdit

The second commercial was first seen in the fall of 2012, and features the Sweet Party doll line. All the characters are present in both animated and doll form.

Runway VacayEdit

The third commercial was released shortly after the second in the fall or winter of 2012. It promotes the four dolls of the Runway Vacay line.

Garden Tea PartyEdit

The fourth commercial premiered in March 2013 and features the line, Garden Tea Party. The four dolls and play set are all shown.