Here is an article where you can make up texts that happen between Cyanne, Tylie, Dee, and Sloane.Edit

Slumber Party Texts

     Cyanne: Hey guys guess what?Edit

      Tylie: What?Edit

      Cyanne: I have the latest School News, School Blues comic and my mom got me the movie and tv                        special set.Edit

         Tylie: Tylies jealous.Edit

        Cyanne: Well, u guys are invited 2 my house for a sleep over.Edit

          Tylie: Gonna tell the girls!Edit

        Dee & Sloane: What's up?Edit

           Tylie: Cyanne's having a slumber party 2 nite at her house.Edit

        Dee & Sloane: I'll be there.Edit

               Dee: Can LeBun come 2?Edit

         Cyanne: Totally!Edit

             Sloane: Totally Spies!Edit

      Cyanne, Tylie, & Dee: SloaneEdit